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ES 12-24-08

GM Traders

daily pp: 864
POC: 863.75

60m: 905 / 849.75, 830.50

globex gap = 859.75
MAN ...THIS COULD GO EITHER WAY HERE UP TO 868.50 OR DOWN TO 861.50...watching!(so far 865.50 hasn't been hit!)
GETTING LATE IN THE DAY THO! and i still favor the upside... watching
if 862.50 cant hold it, i would begin to worry about the chart P.T. posted on page 11.
look at the offers at 65.75 & 66
wtf was that...
...upside breakout of a triangle....
Virtually no volume here...
cycle low was due 12:32,, 1 min chart,,, 11:16 to 11:54 bar...
Yep...see that - Thanks Kool!
Thanks Kool....Speaking of Santa, I need to run....Thanks for all the great information and everyone have a great Christmas!