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ES 1-9-09

GM Traders
Good Morning:

The Harmonic (Crab) pattern projects 915.50 to 916.75....
The hourly projection is 916.75....
917.00 is the 50% re-trace level from 942.75...
l @ 3.75
50% retrace of upswing
...used up all their bullets with the 914.75 spike in Globex....Already re-traced over 90%...
more @ 98ish
97.25 avg 900.25
88.6 = 96.25
bouncing off VAL
The 5 minute looks to be projecting 891.50 now...
gapped 895.25
Originally posted by vast524

Prestwick. Are you just reading this by the Dome and the T&S chart?

The singles were from the pit session TPOs. The read on big money net position is from a BAV chart.