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ES 1-9-09

GM Traders
...should see some consolidation first though...
93.75 = 261.8 from top
894.25 was the 88.6% re-trace level...may be some support with your 261.8% level VO...
Hmmm...think they want that 891.50!
Originally posted by PDQ

The 5 minute looks to be projecting 891.50 now...

Thanks PDQ
Beginning to show oscillator divergence, but no Tick divergence yet...
30 minute chart is scary
...welcomr PT...hope my ramblings help a little...the more eyes on these charts, the better...
PT, I just hope the 9:30 A.M. bar is the extent of the 30 minute
S2 885.75
Originally posted by vast524

Prestwick. Are you just reading this by the Dome and the T&S chart?

The singles were from the pit session TPOs. The read on big money net position is from a BAV chart.