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About Trick or Trade

This is the About page from the original Trick or Trade site:


The purpose of this website is simple - it's here to help YOU, the trader! It is no secret that the trading education industry is rife with fraud. We are here to help you separate the fraudsters from real traders who also happen to teach. Unfortunately, the fraudsters make up 90% of the industry, so our task is not an easy one. Hopefully, we will be able to help you find those "few good guys" who can assist you on the road to (no, not Holy Grail:) consistent profitability.


Undoubtedly, there are honest vendors in the trading education industry. By "honest vendors" we mean individuals who are traders first and are able to make a living trading, and vendors second. It is the primary task of this site to discover such vendors, while exposing the crooks.


This site is absolutely not-for-profit. No ads will be accepted from any "trading education" vendor. The ads that might be accepted include: brokerages, datafeed companies, trading software companies, trader tax accounting companies and possibly others. All revenues received from such ads will go to cover the ongoing expenses of the site such as webhosting. The site will also accept donations from visitors. An emergency legal defense fund might be set up if the website or any of the posters are threatened with legal action by a vendor(s). All excess funds that are received and not spent on the maintenance of the website and similar tasks will sit untouched, until they're required for site-related expenses.


To put it bluntly, this site was born out of utter disgust... Out of disgust for the current state of affairs - when supposedly reputable trading magazines print glowing reviews of vendors who have been exposed as complete frauds by CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). When so many traders who failed in trading decide to get back at the world by defrauding other aspiring traders. When fraudsters get only a slap on the wrist from CFTC or SEC, pay the settlement and then go on about their "business" as usual. When those individuals have the conscience (or lack thereof) to look the trading community in the eyes.


Undoubtedly, this site is bound to generate hostility from the fraudulent vendors because we're interfering with their "business" (oops, we meant ongoing fraud). The operators of this site will make every possible legal attempt (within their financial means) to protect the identities of posters. Use of anonymous proxies and other Internet privacy tools is greatly recommended. This site is here to stay and it will not go away. If it is forced to shut down, it WILL spring up again in other forms. You see.. it's very hard (impossible?) to kill the truth on the Internet. If the operators of this site are forced to retire from running the site, countless others will be eager to takeover this noble cause. SO TELL ALL, NAME NAMES, SPARE NO CROOK.

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