Screen Capture Software

If you're a trader you often need to capture what a chart looks like and then be able to post it to a forum such as this one or email to a friend or colleague to share views and opinions.

What screen capture software do you use and recommend. I decided to start this topic after seen a posting from inventor here: Day Trading Journal where he mentioned that he uses a product called NWSnap.

A little bit of investigation lead me to this web site where you can download this free utility: MWSnap
(I have not downloaded or used this and am just going by inventor's recommendation. If you have a recommendation for any Screen Capture Software then please post the name and/or link as a reply to this topic.

I have recently discovered JING !! It's really good at recording - fast and easy posting of the results to either your own hard disk or any other link you choose ... Does Video as well as Images ... It's by TECHSMITH ... so it's solid. Rock solid.

I am recording some of my live trades for reviewing after.

See: Download and Enjoy

Thanks bakrob99 - always on the lookout for image capture software that might make life easier.
have you ever used ACA capture screen? i think it is the best i have ever used.
bakrob99 TY for the JING suggestion!...I love it.
Jing works real well with Skype Instant Message. It automatically posts the URL of your image to your clipboard and lets you post it on Skpye and IM it in a matter of seconds
Yeah, Jing's pretty good, but I couldn't figure out how to load it anywhere but

I use, which is free, and very good so long as you make small videos. It's perfect for you tube.

Also think or swim is very good for snapping photos of charts.
Jing has 4 tabs on the bottom after you click the mouse, click "image" and that gives you a capture that you can manipulate with text and arrows etc. You then have a choice of discarding it, copy, saving, or sending it to screencast. I just save it with a file name then retrieve it later for uploading.
If you are looking for a real easy solution all you need to do is find the print screen button on your computer it might say prt sc. On my computer I need to click the function button and Home Key which is also the prt sc. Then open up paint most computers have this and just paste what you have just captured into paint and then you can crop out everything you don't need and save the file and it is ready to send to anyone.
Hi all

Check out good tool to capture screen on your PC

It's VidShot Capturer some about-
-Capture Video from desktop
-Capture video from Window
-Capture wideo from region of your desktop
-Automatic Video options
-Frame Rate advaned settings
-Easy and nice interface

more about here and download link-[url][/url]
download and ENJOY
You should get a real job and stop playing with this
i use lightshot screenshot. Its very good and very adaptable