Screen Capture Software

If you're a trader you often need to capture what a chart looks like and then be able to post it to a forum such as this one or email to a friend or colleague to share views and opinions.

What screen capture software do you use and recommend. I decided to start this topic after seen a posting from inventor here: Day Trading Journal where he mentioned that he uses a product called NWSnap.

A little bit of investigation lead me to this web site where you can download this free utility: MWSnap
(I have not downloaded or used this and am just going by inventor's recommendation. If you have a recommendation for any Screen Capture Software then please post the name and/or link as a reply to this topic.

Third party software isn't needed if all you want is a screenshot.

Press Print Screen.
Open MS Paint.
Press Ctrl+V to paste and then save the image. There's a cropping tool in MS Paint to remove any parts you don't need as well.
Also, if you hold down the Alt key when hitting Print Screen it will only capture the window that currently has focus and not the whole screen.

Good tip Zien - thanks.
I use Gadwin Print Screen. It allows you to save all your print screens into a folder for easy retrieval.
I have used Gadwin as well.. Very nice utility.
I have also found it useful to take the snapshots of my chart when I enter and exit a trade (if I have time) and go over this at the end of the day.
I have used a program called Snagit for a long time and I like it because it allows me to select a region of the screen to capture and also it will capture popup menus whereas most softwares will close the popup menu the moment you click anything thus making it imposable to capture popup menus.
This is very cool. Have you ever tried to use Skitch to do a screen capture and upload. Great video on how to do it posted here: Easy/Quick Upload Charts and Images to MyPivots.

It's really easy. You can capture and upload a chart to a forum post here in about 20 seconds. Before doing that you'll need to install Skitch which can be found here: Skitch This took me about 60 seconds to download and install.

You need to have Skitch running and a browser open with the forum you want to paste to. In Skitch click where is says "screen snap." Skitch will hide itself allow you to capture your chart etc.

Skitch has a whole bunch of tools that will let you write text and draw lines on your image if you need to annotate it. Once you're ready to put it on the forum grab the tab at the bottom of Skitch that says "Drag Me" and drag it over to the blue area just below the reply area where it says Attach files by dragging & dropping here, or selecting them and a reference to your file will now appear in the post.

Notice that you didn't even need to save it to disk? Wasn't that easy?

That's how I got the easy button here:

Click image for original size
I use OBS which works well I find
i use lightshot screenshot. Its very good and very adaptable