Anyone been here or done that?
Until now I had never heard of them/him so I just took a look at the web site. The testimonials part of any of these web sites can be ignored. Nobody is going to put the critical stuff about their system up there and they are only going to put the praise on the board. This applies to all industries.

I record part is a bit sketchy. It doesn't really give me enough information to work out if they make a profit or a loss each day.

One thing that I did seem to notice is that it looks like they are using a variation of Market Profile to trade. If this is true then their system has some credibility in my opinion as I think that Market Profile is very powerful. It looks like they are using a rolling market profile which could be powerful. I have never heard of anyone testing this so I don't know how power it is.
Bruce M,

Since you spent time--and perhaps money here--why not share your experience with the forum members?
I had two free weeks over the past 5 years so I do not know if I am the best person to give an analysis on SP500guru but here is a brief one anyway. They made money in both weeks I was in there…theoretically. They will not and do not provide trading statements. No surprise there. They took some trades in the overnight session so when I logged on they “said” they where long or short and I missed those market calls….which always turned out to be big trades. They are a signal service. You don't sign up with them to learn anything...I always like to try to learn something new and when that doesn’t happen I just try to fiqure out what methods they employ. The following statements apply to my experience with Pagetrader also. They both use a combination of Fibs, Market profile and pivots….Ok no surprises here either…So what would a service like these be good for? I think if you are a new trader and are looking to reinforce your own analysis then signing up for a few free trials or even paying for a month may be a good idea. Then see what the calls are and apply your fibs, MP and such to try and match up the signals…….but this is ASSuming they are profitable over time which I have not determined. They both are big media advertisers so they probably have a constant stream of newbies or curiosity seekers to pay them once the free trial is over…..The other reason to use these services is if you want someone to tell you to be long or short…but then why not give someone your money to trade it for you? I think the thread on Due diligence is a must read and I think (obviously) that vendors should be held to a higher standard then they currently are. Hope that helps.

Thanks Bruce. I see they don't offer trials anymore.

Whatever became of you. Did you check out him out?

Let us know. One thing I like is he does not give a free trial. The implication here is he does not need your money of $250 a month to make money....I've heard some negative stuff on fourms about him...but I would like to hear from a member who has been with SP500 for a few years or even a year. Sometimes or most times members making money do not want to promote or tell about there 'guru' as they want all the money for themselves. And he really does not promote himself all over, but do see his ad in a future mag.

His entry and direction and targets when (given) do seem uncanny. 9 years on net...if you scamming you gone long time Tsuanmi traders or whoever....

Update anyone...from a member would be best. Interested if he all true.
Yes, I paid $250 several years ago so I guess I was a member. The calls were made but no reasons was given. If you dare to ask then either you are told to clam up or you are on ignore for the rest of day. The targets were given early in the morning so it is up to you to 'hang on' until target meet but watching your p/l droping back to zero is no fun either. Stop was 1p to 2.5p depending on how he reads the market, he frequently refered to the Dow level then he somehow translated it into ES target. So either you believe he knows where market supposes to go or you don't. He said 'they' listen to his calls to find out his target so you know he is the 'man'. If you still decide to join, find out exactly when he will be on vacation and avoid joining that month, there will be no pro-rate refund as I remember.
I have not tried the S&P Guru but have followed there site some. I did use Page trader little less then 2 years ago for 5 weeks. I agree with Bruce, I really prefer to learn something that I can potentially use on my own rather then have someone or something calling blind trades for me. I suppose my greatest fear's is one of these trade calling systems working, I make consistent money with it and then for whatever reason they disappear. What am I left with? Fortunate or Unfortunate as it may be, I have never gone that far with any trade calling system. My main issue with most of them (including the two in this topic), not only do you not receive any training or education but because of the ranges in the entry's and targets, they can usually find a way to make the trades work. Example, we want to buy S&P's at the 1486 to 1487 level, look to sell at 1491 to 1493. Of course, if the trade falls within any of those parameters, you have a 4 point winner up to a 7 point winner. Now, if they taught you how or why that level was important and also taught some type of trigger method so the trader becomes aware of how or when to enter, at the end of the day the entry and exit prices could at least have some type of common rationale. No need to believe me, go to any of the websites and look at past trades. Some of them are as high as 3 and 4 point targets. Again, IMHO, a person needs to do their own due diligence, find a method or course that has shown success with other traders and understand that learning to trade is a process of great discipline and patience.
his name is Holm Gordon,

he is a scammer, his service is ridiculous. don't waste your time with this con artist.

This is his address:

7TH FL, NO 64, LANE 144 NANYA S ROAD, SECTION 2's been almost 10 years since .a new reply to this thread....scary stuff.....hopefully most reading on mypivots know better then to pay for a signal service by now
Originally posted by socal

his name is Holm Gordon,

he is a scammer, his service is ridiculous. don't waste your time with this con artist.

This is his address: