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Trading on the Beach

Has anybody executed a trade while sitting on the beach?

I think that this is an appropriate topic for Christmas day.

When I say "on the beach" I mean sitting on the sand (or perhaps in a deck chair) with the waves just yards away.

I have never done this but I have executed trades while sitting on a bench on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I had flown out to Barcelona from London and had some open positions when I left and needed to check on them (and it turns out close them) when I got to Barcelona. The only wireless access that I could find (this is a few years back when it wasn't as prevalent as it is today) was in this hotel on Las Ramblas but the manager wouldn't let me sit in the lobby or bar with my laptop unless I was a guest at the hotel (he basically didn't want me using his wireless) and so I had to sit directly outside the hotel on a bench on the sidewalk and trade from there.

Where is the most unusual place that you have executed a trade from?
Just got into Maui myself. Beautiful day. I trade stocks by the pool sometimes. I don't take my laptop to the beach because it makes me look like a dork! Beaches are for playing! Now where's my Mai-Tai?
What's the weather like felix? Warm enough to swim? Enjoy your vacation (I assume that you are on vacation?)
Ah yes, vacation indeed. I swam with my family, I got sunburned, what could be better??!!!

Enjoy! I have no doubt that everyone reading this is green with envy.
I do them from the john.
Originally posted by NinjaSnipe

I do them from the john.

I assume that you take your laptop with you as opposed to having a keyboard and screen installed next to the john?

I remember reading one of the interviews in Market Wizards where the trader had a quote screen next to the john. I don't believe that it was a trading screen, I assume that he called his orders in from there. I think that Jack Schwager mentioned that he thought that it was in there more for amusement than anything else.
Greetings from the French West Indies. My suite at La Samana has wireless service but I've refrained from trading as this is a vacation where the beaches are as gorgeous as the bikini clad femmes, the Cuban cigars wonderfully aromatic and the refreshing rum concotion known as "Pain Killer" lives up to its name.

With a clearer head, I've decided not to take a permanent leave of absence from the forum due in large part to the overwhelming amount of email urging me to come back. To all of you who took the time to do that, I thank you. However, under no uncertain terms will I reply to blatantly hostile, derogatory or defaming posts.

Wish you were here.

How do you make a Pain Killer? After 3 days I'm suffering from Mai-Tai monotony.
Felix, I don't know, but if you get to St. Marten go to La Samana and ask the bartender in the main house. Like aspirin, my advice is take 2 and call me in the morning.
Pain Killer Cocktail is made (apparently) as follows. (Don't try this at home or without adult supervision.)
  • 1 shot pineapple juice

  • 1 shot orange juice

  • 3 shots dark rum

  • 1/2 shot coconut cream

  • nutmeg
Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) well with ice and strain into a chilled highball glass. Top off with nutmeg and cherry.
No I didn't
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