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Trading on the Beach

Has anybody executed a trade while sitting on the beach?

I think that this is an appropriate topic for Christmas day.

When I say "on the beach" I mean sitting on the sand (or perhaps in a deck chair) with the waves just yards away.

I have never done this but I have executed trades while sitting on a bench on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I had flown out to Barcelona from London and had some open positions when I left and needed to check on them (and it turns out close them) when I got to Barcelona. The only wireless access that I could find (this is a few years back when it wasn't as prevalent as it is today) was in this hotel on Las Ramblas but the manager wouldn't let me sit in the lobby or bar with my laptop unless I was a guest at the hotel (he basically didn't want me using his wireless) and so I had to sit directly outside the hotel on a bench on the sidewalk and trade from there.

Where is the most unusual place that you have executed a trade from?
Sounds like you guys are enjoying your tropical holidays. Have a great time guys! I wish I was there!
C'mon down Day. There's enough Vicoria's Secret models to go around.

There are never enough Victoria's Secret models! By the way, what is Victoria's secret?
Day if I told you it wouldn't be a secret. Plus I promised Gisele and the other girls I wouldn't reveal it.

Perhaps Victoria should start selling day trading systems if she and the girls are so good at keeping secrets.
Good one!

But why would she want to stray from her highly successful core competency and deal with the kvetchers of the world who seek quick riches in a game where the very few have very much?

After 3 pain killers and a Cohiba Esplendido, I have to agree with my Euro slumming friend that Brazilian girls do indeed beat California girls. We're all going to the casino tonight and I don't give a damn that the odds are against me. Let the good times (and dice) roll!

Oh the humanity!
Sounds like you're going to be lucky tonight no matter how the dice fall. Enjoy! Have one one for me.
Have one on you? Is that the same as having two on me?
Happy New Year seekers of the truth and holy grail. As we begin a clean slate let's be reminded of a passage from the bible, Hebrews 13:8, to guide us in 2007.

"Keep your life free from the love of money and be content with what you have."

Signing off from St. Martin, FWI.
I'm still in search of a trader who has executed a trade from their laptop while sitting on a beach with their bum in the sand.
No I didn't
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