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ToolPack 169

If you are a subscriber to the ToolPack indicators then we suggest that you subscribe to this topic to be kept up-to-date with changes in the ToolPack. We will post all changes here to let you know what is happening.

More information on the ToolPack can be found here:
New version of DVATool available now. This version is 2.2 (last version was 2.1) - you should be able to check the version numbers through the following menu options: Tools -> EFS -> AutoUpdates

There are 2 changes in this version:
1. The 4 start and end time parameters have been consolidated into 2 parameters.
2. A new ShowDVAFrom parameter has been added. This is a time from which to start showing the DVA lines on your chart. This parameter (and functionality) has been added to "unclutter" the chart at the market open. The DVA lines are not of much use until at least one bracket (and usually more) have closed.
IBTool version 1.8 released today. Fixes a bug where the Mon+Tue IBType would not display the 2 day Initial Balance if the time frame setting on the chart was in anyway inside the start or end time parameter setting on the IBTool.
Version 2.3 of DVATool released today.

1. If you don't change the default settings then the only change that you will notice is an MP graphic to the right of the chart area. You won't actually see this unless you scroll to the right.
There are new parameters associated with this chart that you will find in the parameter list and on the web page.

2. The MP brackets can now be constructed like a volume chart constructs its bars. A new bracket is created every X contracts instead of every 30 minutes where X defaults to 55,000 contracts. This feature is an experiment for people who want to explore other ways of looking at MP charts.

Read the full parameter list and what each parameter does here:
Version 1.2 of PivotTool released today.

This version adds a new parameter Calculation Type to the study which allows you to specify one of Classic, Woodie, Camarilla, or DeMark for the support and resistance calculations.

The PivotTool page is here:

And the calculatoin formulae are here:
Version 2.4 of DVATool released today.

Adds a new parameter FontSize which as far as I can tell doesn't make any difference on my charts but it might on your charts.

Fixes a bug in the Volume Basis for the bracket calculation. If you haven't been using the Volume Basis then you will not have noticed that it tends to start a bracket earlier than it should and the initial bracket's volume was smaller than it should have been.

If you have eSignal set for auto-update then you should receive a notice when you next start eSignal - or when your updates are set to update. Otherwise just run the install program for ToolPack again and you'll get all the latest studies:
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