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New contracts for new Daily Notes page...

If you have any requests for new contracts on the new Daily Notes page then please post them as replies to this topic/thread.

So far we've added:
British Pound Futures
DAX Index Future
FTSE 100 Index Future
Would you add the Japanese yen? 65 point range on 4/18
I believe that they are looking into your request Realitymensch. I'll post here again if it is added.
The Japanese Yen has been added.
Please add the Australian SPI 200 Index Futures
macca141: Apparently this is doable. We're just trying to collect some more information on this contract. If you have any answers: SFE SPI 200 Index Future
SFE SPI 200 is live now. The June 2007 contract can be seen here: SFE SPI 200 Index Future June 2007
Thanks for adding the SFE SPI 200. You sure do work fast..
You're welcome. It's a bit of a learning experience reading up on it. Please let us know what sort of value it provides to you and other Ozzie traders.
Could you please add the CME Australian Dollar Futures September 2009 (6A U9) ?
Could you please add American Idol and Britains Got Talent please.
If it's possible, I'd love to see the grains added. Beans, Corn, and Wheat.

Thanks you
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