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Chat, TradingRoom, IRC for Market profile

HI, I am looking for a chat, TradingRoom, IRC channel or anything else i can join and trade with people who uses Market profile.
Could someone help me?

There are a number of web sites that support Market Profile but the only one that I know of that also has a chat room is
Ok thanks I'll try jpj :D
If you find any others then let us know.
the trading zone on paltalk uses market profile inconjuction with other setup ups for getting into a trade

they are a straight forward group there no bs

i highly recommend them if you do a sreach on this forum for there was a thread they where in and greg the guy that runs things reponded to it gl

Admin Edit: Here is the link: The Trading Zone
is there anywhere in the forum where somewhere posts the index VA High, low and POC nightly? I saw it in here once but can't find it.

Here: VA's and POC
IOAMT and TradingClinic run a room for ES and soon to open Europe
Where are those rooms Alleyb? PalTalk? HotComm?

not sure if you found what you are looking for, but you could always try IRC to start with since it doesn't cost you anything, lots of free info out there about MP too

if you are looking for a paid room that opens up a whole different can of worms
re: IRC, which servers are you guys loggin onto? I havent used IRC since high school! lol
For more information on Othernet they have web site here: - you used to be able to log onto the chat rooms directly from their web but I've just tried that and it seemed to direct me to a foreign chat board with nothing related to trading. Anybody know where the web based chat link for Othernet is or what's happened to them?
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