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31 May 2005 (Tuesday)

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Session Start: Tue May 31 08:54:33 2005
Session Ident: #t1

[09:19:03] <tuna> guy singles worked on er2 on fri afternoon
[09:19:48] <guy> yup
[09:20:04] <guy> that single strategy has made 15% this month so far
[09:20:40] <tuna> k, just wanted to make sure u saw it
[09:20:54] <guy> thanks tuna
[09:21:00] <tuna> np
[09:21:21] <guy> i've put the room into "mod mode" which means that only people with +v next to their name can enter comments
[09:21:30] <guy> PM me if you havne't got a +v and want one
[09:22:32] <mashhad> gm
[09:23:00] <guy> gm mash, everything working as it should be?
[09:23:17] <guy> you may have seen an update EFS flashing in your bottom right hand corner
[09:23:20] <guy> on your toolbar
[09:23:42] <mashhad> i don't have a +v, but i can enter comments
[09:24:02] <guy> you DO have a +v
[09:24:13] <guy> might be that you can't see it from there
[09:24:21] <mashhad> i do?
[09:24:25] <mashhad> oh ok
[09:24:29] <guy> esignal is funny that it doesn't always update that part of the screen
[09:24:50] <guy> do you have EFS flashing in your toolbar - on the Right Hand Side?
[09:25:31] <mashhad> of the alpha chart u mean?
[09:26:15] <guy> no - on the toolbar of the operating system
[09:26:30] <guy> near where the time is
[09:26:59] <mashhad> no
[09:27:35] <guy> how long ago did you start esignal?
[09:27:54] <mashhad> can u load ur chart so i can see what u mean?
[09:27:59] <mashhad> last night
[09:28:40] <guy> it's not showing on my screen
[09:28:50] <guy> if you restart esignal it might show up on the toolbar
[09:28:59] <guy> it means that there is a new version of the EFS available
[09:29:17] <mashhad> ok brb
[09:29:19] <guy> if your numbers don't match mine today it's because there was a holiday yesterday
[09:29:32] <mashhad> y
[09:33:29] <guy2> [img]
[09:33:47] <mashhad> guy, my alpha is not working
[09:34:02] <mashhad> i refreshed the chart , still not working
[09:34:09] <guy> what's the error?
[09:35:18] <mashhad> right now the k-line is printing flat and white and no alpha
[09:36:47] <guy> did you restart esignal?
[09:37:03] <mashhad> yes
[09:37:10] <guy> on the tast bar
[09:37:21] <guy> on the far left it says "start" right?
[09:37:30] <guy> (task bar)
[09:38:47] <mashhad> task bar?
[09:39:10] <guy> have a look at this image:
[09:39:12] <guy2> [img]
[09:39:36] <guy> that's the task bar
[09:39:42] <guy> it's at the bottom of your screen
[09:40:42] <guy> can you see it?
[09:41:30] <mashhad> yes
[09:41:52] <guy> do you see on the image, look from RIGHT to LEFT
[09:41:58] <guy> you have the time, then...
[09:42:03] <guy> a few small icons
[09:42:15] <guy> and then an icon that says "EFS" ?
[09:42:43] <mashhad> no efs
[09:42:52] <guy> on yours - no EFS ?
[09:43:07] <mashhad> not on task bar
[09:43:34] <guy> okay - on esignal menus, click on: Tools -> EFS -> Auto Updates...
[09:44:25] <mashhad> ok
[09:44:37] <guy> in the Formula column, find AlphaA1
[09:44:46] <guy> then see if there's an update available for it
[09:45:04] <guy> also see what the setting in the "EFS Update Checking" is
[09:45:27] <guy> Should be Everytime eSignal is started
[09:46:18] <mashhad> when i bring up the EFS update box , there is no formulas there
[09:46:40] <guy> do you have a chart open with AlphaA1 on it?
[09:46:57] <mashhad> i do
[09:47:45] <mashhad> but nothing in the auto update box of the efs
[09:48:51] <guy> okay - for some reason your auto update isn't working - i've emailed you a new version
[09:49:10] <guy> put it in the downloads folder and unload alpha and then reload the new one
[09:49:42] <guy> what should happen is that auto update should auto update the EFS files when needed
[09:50:28] <mashhad> when i click on it, it's asking me for a password
[09:51:45] <guy> just load as usual - don't try and open
[09:52:07] <guy> have you copied the emailed files into your download folder?
[09:52:43] <mashhad> no, to my desktop.. i will drag it to download
[09:53:20] <guy> then right click the chart and select: Remove -> AlphaA1.efs
[09:53:36] <guy> then right click the chart and select Formulas -> Downloads -> AlphaA1.efs
[09:54:01] <guy> .
[09:54:10] <guy> economic reports at 10am so no trading atm
[09:54:10] <guy> .
[09:55:08] <mashhad> i have the bars for alpha
[09:55:28] <mashhad> is your k-line for ES printing white color at the moment?
[09:55:41] <guy> hang on and i'll put an image out for ES
[09:56:19] <guy> ES with AlphaA1:
[09:56:29] <guy2> [img]
[09:56:38] <guy> let me know if yours looks like that?
[09:56:52] <mashhad> yes
[09:56:58] <guy> that's good
[09:57:05] <guy> do you have it on an ER2 chart as well?
[09:57:17] <mashhad> yes
[09:57:34] <guy> should look very different on ER2 chart:
[09:57:43] <guy2> [img]
[09:57:52] <guy> so
[09:58:13] <guy> k-line on ES chart is saying that it thinks that the ES is 3 to 4 points under valued
[09:58:27] <guy> but reports in 2 minutes so no trading this now
[10:04:31] <mashhad> r u looking for a buy signal guy?
[10:05:16] <guy> on ER2 i'm watch the VAL and alpha
[10:05:23] <guy> yes, is the answer
[10:05:43] <guy> i'm looking to see what the risk for a buy at VAL (614.6 to 614.4) on ER2 is
[10:06:04] <guy> so this is the chart that i'm looking at:
[10:06:20] <guy2> [img]
[10:06:28] <guy> you can see my VAL is 614.6 (esignal MP is 614.4)
[10:07:36] <guy> i think that esignal is wrong because if you look at the low print on the MP chart from friday for esignal
[10:07:50] <guy> you will see that the E bracket shows a low at 612.3
[10:08:06] <guy> but according to my other charts the low was 612.4 on Friday
[10:08:15] <guy> and that's why my figures differ from esignal's
[10:10:24] <guy> .
[10:10:37] <guy> i've reported this problem to esignal on their support forum here:
[10:10:38] <guy>
[10:10:59] <guy> so if anyone is interested you can keep an eye on that topic to see if there is solution for this problem
[10:11:38] <mashhad> are u getting green lines on alpha for ES?
[10:11:52] <guy> yes
[10:12:48] <guy> ES chart here:
[10:12:58] <guy2> [img]
[10:13:10] <mashhad> not sure if green is a strong enough buy signal for today
[10:13:28] <guy> i agree mash
[10:13:55] <fspeculator> EOM ???
[10:13:59] <fspeculator> window dressing?
[10:18:42] <guy>
[10:18:42] <guy> Buys ES @ 1194
[10:18:42] <guy>

[10:19:10] <guy> here is the chart:
[10:19:16] <guy> pure alpha trade this one
[10:20:35] <fspeculator> you use hard stops guy?
[10:21:15] <guy> no fspec
[10:21:53] <guy>
[10:21:53] <guy> exit stop set ES @ 1192
[10:21:53] <guy>

[10:22:42] <fspeculator> same as fri, i'll wait out for IB 1ticking
[10:22:50] <fspeculator> fri i missed the trade, although i had good entry
[10:30:39] <mashhad> i dont understand how alpha signals can get stronger buy as we move up?
[10:30:43] <guy> split counts / rotation factors:
[10:31:27] <guy> mash: the formula is such that it can perceive that ES is not moving up fast enough
[10:32:34] <guy> sorry - i've got technical difficulties with one of my machines so am trading off the trading platform and without charts right now
[10:46:26] <tuna> bushspeak
[10:49:39] <guy2> [img]
[10:50:09] <guy> okay - systems are back
[10:50:17] <guy> so mash
[10:50:28] <guy> that chart i posted is what you saw and were commenting on
[10:50:43] <guy> yes - alpha can signal stronger buy as index moves up
[10:50:52] <guy> that's called follow through
[10:51:05] <guy> so if there's follow through in the signal then you ignore your target
[10:51:09] <guy> and hold for more
[10:52:12] <mashhad> i see
[10:52:23] <guy>
[10:52:23] <guy> exit stop raised ES @ 1193
[10:52:23] <guy>

[10:53:25] <guy> this is still probability based so won't always work out and that's why we still use a protective stop
[11:00:47] <guy2> [img]
[11:01:32] <mashhad> now signal is getting weaker even tough price is becoming cheaper to buy
[11:03:01] <guy> yup
[11:03:19] <guy> unusual but still showing what it "thinks" is fair value
[11:07:48] <guy> i'm using a simulated stop so still long here
[11:09:10] <guy>
[11:09:10] <guy> stop hit ES @ 1193 --> - 1
[11:09:10] <guy>

[11:24:24] <guy> i like the look of the long here in the ER2
[11:24:30] <guy2> [img]
[11:24:38] <guy> which is at the DVAL
[11:24:51] <guy> but i'd like to see more strength in alpha before going long...
[11:34:51] <guy> split counts:
[11:35:06] <guy2> [img]
[11:35:18] <guy> ER2 still looks like a buy at the DVAL but I still don't have alpha confirmation here:
[11:35:31] <guy2> [img]
[12:30:30] <guy> split counts
[12:30:43] <guy2> [img]
[12:40:17] <guy>
[12:40:17] <guy> Buys ER2 @ 617.2
[12:40:17] <guy>

[12:40:49] <guy2> [img]
[12:41:19] <guy>
[12:41:19] <guy> exit stop set ER2 @ 615.2
[12:41:19] <guy>

[13:02:07] <guy2> [img]
[13:13:25] <mashhad> even though alpha is long, looking at the day and the RE down, i am not sure if i want to take a long in the ES
[13:14:17] <tuna> 1 of these ledges has gotta give
[13:30:50] <guy2> [img]
[13:35:27] <guy> i see what you're saying mash
[13:35:56] <guy> save the image and write down some notes as to why you don't think alpha is good now
[13:36:03] <guy> versus RE on downside etc.
[13:36:12] <guy> then let's look at it again at 16:15
[13:36:27] <guy> so write down why you don't want to trade one way or the other etc.
[13:36:47] <guy> bbiab
[13:37:05] <guy> here is ER2:
[13:37:15] <guy2> [img]
[14:00:23] <guy> split counts:
[14:00:29] <guy> show strengthening market here
[14:00:39] <guy2> [img]
[14:07:42] <guy> this is what the MP graphic looks like at the moment:
[14:07:45] <guy2> [img]
[14:12:04] <mashhad> guy, did u take profit at the 619 area?
[14:12:10] <guy> no
[14:12:25] <guy> i wish I had now - obviously
[14:12:33] <guy> which i had finessed the trade
[14:12:45] <guy> but alpha remains in buy mode
[14:12:54] <guy> so i'm going to try and tough it out
[14:13:00] <mashhad> ok
[14:13:44] <guy> this is tough trading
[14:13:48] <guy> very little movement atm
[14:13:55] <guy> ES I see is also lacklustre
[14:20:56] <fspeculator> i B YM 10499
[14:21:37] <fspeculator> it 1ticked the IB
[14:21:50] <fspeculator> but i was away at the time
[14:30:26] <guy2> [img]
[14:36:08] <guy2> looking for RE in ER2 here...
[14:39:03] <fspeculator> 99.5 is stops in ES
[14:39:25] <mashhad> ES stopped right below the Open on it's 1st attempt
[14:39:45] <fspeculator> guy i don't watch ER much
[14:39:51] <fspeculator> was today's open atypical?
[14:40:02] <fspeculator> all the crazy volatility?
[14:41:05] <guy> yes fspec
[14:41:20] <guy> sorry - opposite
[14:41:28] <guy> it was typical
[14:41:32] <guy> not atypical
[15:00:29] <guy2> [img]
[15:03:40] <fspeculator> guy your pivots are ommiting yesterday's data right? (holiday)???
[15:04:17] <fspeculator>
[15:04:31] <guy> yes - correct
[15:05:10] <fspeculator> ok, bec esigna;l's data ES #F=2 includes yesterdays ..........
[15:06:15] <guy> my =2 on esignal for ES doesn't include yest.
[15:06:46] <guy> have a look at this chart:
[15:06:54] <guy> jumps straight from fri to today
[15:06:56] <guy2> [img]
[15:07:02] <guy> and it uses es #f=2
[15:16:58] <guy>
[15:16:58] <guy> exit stop moved to breakeven ER2 @ 617.2
[15:16:58] <guy>

[15:30:28] <guy2> [img]
[15:43:52] <guy>
[15:43:52] <guy> Exited all Long ER2 at 617.6 --> + 0.4
[15:43:52] <guy>

[15:48:57] <guy> Current ER2:
[15:49:06] <guy2> [img]
[15:49:25] <guy> Current ES:
[15:49:38] <guy2> [img]
[16:13:35] <guy> gn all
[16:14:09] * Disconnected
Session Close: Tue May 31 16:14:15 2005
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