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MP Charting Software

What MP or TPO Charting Software do you guys recommend? I've been considering Investor/RT.
I use the DVATool and other ToolPack indicators for MP but they are only worth considering if you're using eSignal. If you're looking for a new charting system then compare I/RT to eSignal and see which one comes out better.

If you do a cost comparison then you need to compare [I/RT + Data Feed + MP AddOn] to [eSignal + MP AddOn]. Functionally they're probably the same so in the end it will probably come down to cost.
I am very familiar and have used or trialed most market profile software. If I were recommending something for the beginner I would suggest IRT with the DTN IQfeed for a very reasonable priced combination.

Then, I would suggest learning to trade with market profile and nothing else keeping in mind that you will be looking at the market in a totally different way. Forget bar charts completely.
hey guys, have you used Market profile on the Currency Futures yet? any feedback?

I have been using Investor/RT for about a month now and have been very happy with the charts and their Market Profile study. Their Market Profile charts are great and have many preferences for price and volume studies. You can even change the profile duration from minutes to days. POC and value area can be referenced to other charts. I was using Ensign (which is still a very good charting software), but their price histogram is nothing like a real TPO study. I have tried Sierra charts but their MP chart and preferences were awkward to work with.

For the money, I think this is a pretty good charting software with MP. I wish they would include the custom indicators in the standard edition or just make the professional version the standard version.

For now this is what I will be using until I finds something better.

If you are looking for a good MP software try Investor/RT by Linnsoft
I think IRT is the best MP software out there right now.

It can do things that no other MP software out there can do...some of these things I talked to the developer about putting in and that is why they are there. :)

...try getting that "other" MP software vendor to put custom things in there for you heh

P.S. You will find that IRT works much faster with iqfeed than it does e-signal when doing data/historical downloads.
i am looking for a market profile software with a cheap price.
max 50$
please help
Originally posted by trader_74

i am looking for a market profile software with a cheap price.
max 50$
please help

sierrachart, level 6, $29/month gives you MP
Hi nkhoi
thanks alot for this information
it was helpful
Ensign's New Price Histogram Is Worth A Look

I've went back to Ensign for the following reason:

1. Powerful charting software with a powerful programing language. You can create special indicators and charts.

2. Ensign uses less computer resources than other charting software.

3. Ensign can use my broker's data feed. No extra cost for data feed.

4. The new price histogram study is great.

5. The price is just right. One price for all the features.
so iDoc,

Explain the entire setup you currently use for your MP? You bounced around a bit trying different things...thanks.
Just a quick update that the new WT site is up and running. It's got quite a bit of product info, a demo video, and clearly establishes theirs as a Market Profile based application.

Kudos to Richard and Co. on the revamp

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