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Wednesday 12-05-2007

... post em if ya got em
this 78 are is my zone from Monday so I'm shorting in overnight..concern is Monday -Tuesday range break concept and fact tha they couldn't break weekly pivot below at 60 area...implying strength..73-74 is single prints so support..and my target
Here's an image of the gap up this morning. Let's see if this fills in...

Click image for original size
Here's the gap up this morning. Let's see if this fills in.
for add ons I would prefer to see them take out the overnight high near 81..may not get the chance
ok now i can see that chart DT ... lol
primary trend Z(60 minute chart) is reasserting itself, careful on the short side.

NQ looking at 2100 as initial resistance above

ES looking for 1484-85 zone for resistance

ER2 770 area
i got the add on at 81.25 first target is triple run out at 77.75..actually 4 bars in a row there...
Although we're making higher highs (on the 15 min) it looks like it's stalling.

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Still a gap in the ES
Nice trading Bruce!
my thoughts are now which way is hour range to be broken...
looks like we will have to wait for this IB to finish forming then see which way it breaks from there...
I agree - you guys did a great job of a difficult situation and turned a profit at the same time.