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Wednesday 12-05-2007

... post em if ya got em
revising first target to 84.25...
ER2 not looking back... stopped out on the NQ short for a loss of -2.5
might try another short here but will need to see a reversal pattern of some sort, 2T & trendline break
the es filled it's close gap from friday and the hour range has been doubled ( add hour range to hour high = 87.75) so IF the selling is going to come in it may happen here ..not thrilled with this far
buyers stepping in now, let's see if they can muster the energy for another impulse up ???

edit: ... so far a very weak attempt they got $tick up to 500 and reversed right back to zero
took the 800 high tick to enter short in the NQ
looking for a trendline break and ticks get below zero to confirm short
good trade PT...trends are tricky for me...much better with counter trend/Fading....won't like this short if we go too much above this 88.75 on this push up
Originally posted by pt_emini

target reached for the NQ, exiting Long here

thanks Bruce

possible 2T in the ES now on that last attempt by the buyers

still waiting for a trendline break to confirm any downside
ok there is our trendline break finally... now let's see if this is just a shallow lunch retrace or something more...

Bruce what is your target on the ES ?
I agree - you guys did a great job of a difficult situation and turned a profit at the same time.