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Friday -12-07-2007

Overnight range not taken out yet...sell day in force so far..with prices at 1508 we are close to midpoint ( 1515 to 1501)...seems like the hour breakdown may work today so thoughts are to downside for the 1501 retest ( overnight low)
revising target to 08.25 ( original entry point)..I'm not liking this trade,,but I usually don't like them
My guess is ES will end up building a POC at the 1510 level when this is all said and done today.
this low volume seems like they could jerk it around any direction..not enjoying this slow drip
typical of developing value

good news is you have your lower high in place, lending credence to the idea of back and forth bracket trading going forward, in which case there should be an opportunity to get free of your position on a down bracket
out on all at 1509.25..this is too slow and I don't like it..I beleive triples will get run but they may bring it up again first and I'm not suffering in this
trying to get a short off in this 09.75 area to retest double 5 minute and then the triples
having some data problems.....the joys of using free IB fill on the 1509'75' 09.25 ..covered at 07.25..and trying to hold for new lows....light contracts and could see a pop from triples that where run
sorry for late post on issues and trade must come first ////
05.50 is final fill..I am out of contracts.....could still see the 01 area
market has traded back to support
Here's a chart that sums up the day.

Click image for original size
ES on 7 December 2007 with developing market profile lines.
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