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Monday 01-07-2008

Single prints below on ES


Single prints act like price magnets ?


just saw this thread Gio.....I've been lazy and babbling to myself on the thread from Friday..I'm still trying
to get those triples but time is running out and can we be lucky enough to get higher trading in the overnight again???
Very nice Gio..this along with Bruce is the best I've seen...Really great stuff...triangles, hypotenuese i like. Math...well lets call it gio math.

However, seeing the dragon is difficult for me.

Keep up the fantastic work.

got the triples at 29.75 and then got 33.75...only one contract left and trying to hold for good place for stop but will split the difference between target and price.
Hi Pips

This is an area of resist for me

and we'r gettng brucem's triples here too
bang on..gio today Jan 8 Tuesday
Jan 8th ? - well, maybe Elvis has left the building , at least until i make some loot :)

I've said before I like looking at the $ADD and this was also very interesting this morning


Equidistant ?

i think i will take my loot now and run :)

hey gio..I have to learn to draw that hypotenuse. What is Trident Mathematics...I probably missed this when I did calculus etc in University...well I'm not the best in math.
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