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10 June 2005 (Friday)

Session Start: Fri Jun 10 08:58:36 2005
Session Ident: #t1

[09:38:08] <guy> gm all
[09:41:39] <guy> ER2 chart now
[09:41:51] <guy> (i had charting problems up to now...)
[09:52:01] <signal>
[09:58:50] <guy> Singles on the SOX
[09:58:57] <signal>
[09:59:54] <tuna> mee too guy
[10:00:59] <guy> Just changed the point size to 0.1
[10:01:01] <signal>
[10:01:06] <guy> so this chart is a bit different
[11:02:27] <guy> ES single at 1205.25
[11:03:05] <signal>

[11:14:53] <guy> Shorts ER2 @ 628.7

[11:15:02] <guy> exit stop set ER2 @ 629.7

[11:17:25] <guy> Here is the chart I'm using
[11:17:26] <signal>
[11:17:45] <guy> trading off the DVAH + DPOC area with alpha confirm
[11:18:15] <guy> the yellow dotted line across the chart is 50% of the day's range since 09:30 ET
[11:18:40] <guy> you can see from the 2 grey dotted lines that we've had RE below us
[11:18:45] <guy> so what i'm looking for here
[11:18:53] <guy> is the RE to play out to the downisde
[11:18:56] <guy> downside
[11:19:21] <guy> and I'm using the top of the developing VA as my area to go short
[11:19:45] <guy> 1 handle above my entry is 7 ticks above the DVAH and that's where I get out
[11:20:05] <guy> then I wait and see if we hit the IBH and get RE to the other side and rethink my strategy
[11:20:39] <guy> feel free to ask if you have any questions about my sanity or strategy...
[11:21:07] <tuna> sounds like a plan
[11:23:50] <guy> :)
[11:25:08] <guy> how do you spell the color grey/gray in US?
[11:25:58] <tuna> grey
[11:27:17] <tuna> either
[11:27:27] <tuna> just looked it up

[11:27:49] <guy> stop hit ER2 @ 629.7 --> - 1

[11:28:31] <guy> This is what the chart looked like when my stop was hit:
[11:28:34] <signal>
[11:38:46] <guy> weekly pivots for ER2 Sep contract
[11:38:49] <signal>
[11:38:49] <guy> from last week
[11:44:34] <guy> Have I been cursed recently?
[11:44:40] <signal>
[11:57:28] <guy> The Independent Minded Trader
[12:01:10] <aaronbc> that's a good article
[12:20:52] <signal>
[12:20:54] <guy> i agree aaron
[12:21:10] <guy> Take a look at that chart with my trade marked in on it
[12:21:19] <guy> and the logic i was using above
[12:21:47] <guy> i'm just trying to work out how to improve on that...
[12:21:56] <guy> the stop was exactly 1 tick too tight
[12:22:09] <guy> or you could consider the entry 1 tick too low
[12:22:40] <guy> either way - perhaps i should have waited for a $tick extreme as signaled by the TimerA1 red dots at the stop area
[12:23:02] <guy> that would have been just outside the DVAH
[12:23:12] <guy> and i could have used a tighter stop
[13:15:00] <guy> .
[13:15:04] <guy> Single just filled in ES
[13:15:06] <signal>
[13:15:29] <guy> Here is ES MP chart:
[13:15:37] <signal>
[13:30:55] <tuna> still singles on spoos
[14:03:25] <signal> Russell 2000® Index measures the performance of the 2,000 smallest companies in the Russell 3000 Index, which represents approximately 8% of the total market capitalization of the Russell 3000 Index. As of the latest reconstitution, the average market capitalization was approximately $607.1 million; the median market capitalization was approximately $496.4 million. The largest company in the index had an approximate market capitalization of $1.6
[14:05:16] <guy> ... market capitalization of $1.6 billion.
[14:08:03] <guy> Here is an interesting fact
[14:08:33] <guy> The Russell 2000 represents the 2000 smallest stocks in the R3000 index which is 8% market cap
[14:09:04] <guy> the top 50 stocks in the R3000 represent 41% of market cap in R3000
[14:44:07] <guy> here is the ER2 chart from the eurex-us exchange
[14:44:09] <guy> for today
[14:44:10] <signal>
[14:44:11] <guy> 5min
[15:00:54] <mikee> i have very strong signal for w/e-mon
[15:01:16] <mikee> long
[15:02:24] <mikee> it poss. started already
[15:02:57] <mikee> technically es at ss area
[15:03:07] <mikee> 1201.5
[15:04:31] <mikee> over 1201.5-.75 it's long to pivot as target
[15:08:31] <mikee> [14:05] <mikee> right now 1199.75 is sup
[15:08:43] <mikee> which we held
[15:09:16] <mikee> now we may break
[15:09:37] <mikee> or ss with very tight stop
[15:10:30] <tuna> spoos singles still intact
[15:10:50] <mikee> 1201.5-.75 is key
[15:11:38] <tuna> filled
[15:12:24] <mikee> 1203.5 target
[15:12:53] <mikee> then 04-04.25
[15:13:28] <mikee> taking partial
[15:38:23] <mikee> so 1st target hit
[15:38:57] <mikee> actually 1204 reached also
[15:39:26] <mikee> left 1c, try at 06
[15:39:55] <mikee> er b/o was 628.1
[15:40:00] <mikee> target 629.1
[15:41:55] <mikee> it's long er here
[15:42:04] <mikee> as support
[15:43:58] <mikee> ok, i'm done (but still have long position to hold), have good w/e to all

[16:19:25] * Disconnected
Session Close: Fri Jun 10 16:19:39 2005