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15 June 2005 (Wednesday)

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Session Start: Wed Jun 15 08:19:03 2005
Session Ident: #t1
[08:37:30] <mikee> gm, es targets: 16.5, 17.5-18.25, 11.75 for pullback
[08:38:58] <mikee> if we don't break 13.5 in reg. hours, under 07.25 is ss
[08:44:58] <tuna> options week
[08:49:00] <guy> week or weak?
[08:51:14] <guy> Industrial Production 9:15 ET
[08:51:14] <guy> Quarterly Services Survey 10:00 ET
[08:51:14] <guy> EIA Petroleum Status Report 10:30 ET
[09:26:29] <guy> ER2 relative to VA before open
[09:26:46] <signal>
[09:27:07] <guy> ES relative to VA before open...
[09:27:22] <signal>
[09:36:44] <guy> i'm short bandwidth atm
[09:41:05] <guy> traderst: take a look at this chart of ES:
[09:41:13] <signal>
[09:42:01] <guy> Let me know if your FibTool readings are the same
[09:43:03] <guy> i'm having serious bandwidth problems here atm so not much i can do
[09:45:26] <guy> ISP has just confirmed that they have a problem so not sure when my connection will stabalize...
[09:49:10] <guy> i'll come back in 30 minutes - this is too frustrating not being able to get charts to connect....
[09:56:34] <mikee> under 10.75 is ss with target 07.75
[10:01:21] <guy> thanks mikee
[10:10:56] <mikee> covered partial
[10:11:31] <mikee> 07.75-08 target
[10:12:05] <mikee> under 07.25, target 03.5-04
[10:30:32] <mikee> +3 as target reached
[10:31:18] <mikee> 03.5-04 now
[10:36:00] <mikee> i have down day into close with some bounces, - 1st starts 11:30 (to12:30)
[10:37:25] <mikee> i'm waiting bounce to 09-09.75 to ss
[10:44:12] <mikee> 08.75 is .382, 09.75 is .5, but imo no bounce yet
[10:45:39] <mikee> i wouls stay short
[10:48:12] <mikee> 1205 is last fib. level (1213.75-1199.75)
[10:49:21] <mikee> so long for aggr.
[10:52:06] <mikee> 06.5 is scale out
[10:55:15] <guy> staying calm under pressure: Stay Calm under pressure
[11:02:56] <mikee> 1203.75 is 50% from 93.5
[11:05:03] <mikee> [09:12] <mikee> under 07.25, target 03.5-04
[11:09:45] <mikee> now 1207.5 is important..
[11:10:27] <mikee> as .382 ( 1213.75-1203.75)
[11:11:07] <mikee> and .618 (1231.75-1197.5)
[11:11:35] <mikee> wich is lower target now (1197.5)
[11:17:02] <mikee> bbl
[11:26:52] <guy> DSL problems seem to be resolved but now I can't get one of my ER2 charts to update
[11:28:36] <guy> okay i give up - i'm going to watch telly and maybe this PM it'll start working again...


[13:41:26] <fspeculator> guy are you still around?
[13:56:42] <mikee> finally target hit
[14:08:03] <mikee> tweezers on 5min, 07.5 is ss area till prove otherwise
[14:08:31] <mikee> if break, will prolly see 09.5-09.75
[14:09:21] <mikee> i'm currently short, stop 08, scaled out already for +1
[14:10:37] <mikee> [10:10] <mikee> now 1207.5 is important..
[14:11:18] <mikee> 08 is sar
[14:16:35] <mikee> exit es
[14:16:49] <mikee> going higher imo
[14:17:04] <mikee> already
[14:19:57] <mikee> target reached +1.5
[14:22:34] <mikee> it's ss area for shorts as .618
[14:22:43] <mikee> and pivot
[14:23:58] <mikee> 1207.5 for long now
[14:25:53] <mikee> 07.5 reached
[14:26:19] <mikee> taking profit area here
[14:37:02] <mikee> +1 out
[14:37:19] <mikee> [13:24] <mikee> 1207.5 for long now
[14:38:06] <mikee> ok, i'm done: +10.75 es in total, see you tomorrow, gl
[14:44:43] <guy> [13:41:26] <fspeculator> guy are you still around?
[14:44:48] <guy> i am now fspec
[14:44:59] <guy> you still here?
[14:45:41] <guy> ER2 chart now:
[14:45:51] <guy> Looks like it's just blown through another single print
[14:46:01] <signal>
[14:48:20] <guy> ES coming up to E bracket single print now...
[14:48:21] <signal>
[14:52:17] <signal>
[15:03:23] <guy> ES with filled 2nd single
[15:03:31] <signal>
[15:03:41] <guy> 2nd single filled is first formed
[15:38:06] <fspeculator> guy i'm back
[15:38:10] <fspeculator> i wanted to tell you
[15:38:15] <fspeculator> to test opex weeks
[15:38:24] <fspeculator> overall they're megabullish
[15:55:47] <guy> where did you hear that fspec?
[16:00:38] <fspeculator> i did a backtest myself in TS a few years ago
[16:01:49] <guy> thx
[16:02:19] <guy> wasn't a few years ago during a mega-bull-market? :)
[16:02:38] <fspeculator> try it yourself and let us know
[16:02:42] <fspeculator> it's easy
[16:02:59] <fspeculator> just test the weekly gains of opex weeks
[16:03:02] <guy> how did you do it? with weekly Open/Close data?
[16:03:06] <guy> :)
[16:03:25] <fspeculator> test this:
[16:04:00] <fspeculator> annual gains vs annual gains ommitting opex weeks
[16:04:39] <fspeculator> could be that my data sample was biased
[16:04:46] <guy> have you been reading that altucher book?
[16:05:02] <fspeculator> no, which one is it?
[16:05:16] <fspeculator> do you have devils phone # handy?
[16:05:22] <fspeculator> i need to sell my soul asap
[16:06:04] <guy> i can't remember the title: hedge fund something... hang on...
[16:07:33] <guy> Top Ranked Trading Book
[16:07:34] <fspeculator> "trade like hedhe fund"
[16:07:38] <guy> last book on that page
[16:07:39] <guy> .
[16:08:11] <guy> i don't understand your devil question? i have her sitting here next to me... what do you want me to ask her?
[16:09:22] <fspeculator> i thought devil is a "he"... what you say is news to me :-)
[16:09:45] <guy> it's a common misconception - she is actually a she
[16:09:55] <fspeculator> grrrr, i was getting long in EUR for last 3 days
[16:10:05] <fspeculator> getting stopped for small losses
[16:10:32] <fspeculator> and during the runup today (i was long 1.2070) my power went down
[16:10:38] <guy> and has eur rallied today? (i don't have a chart up)
[16:11:01] <guy> i have had every conceivable technical problem today - including power going down as well
[16:11:28] <fspeculator>
[16:12:01] <fspeculator>
[16:13:01] <fspeculator> and was stopped on that spike down 1.2070
[16:13:10] <fspeculator> both today and again yesterday
[16:13:32] <fspeculator> the dxc is my view on technicals
[16:13:44] <guy> i see what you mean
[16:14:14] <fspeculator> i'd have re-entered, but when power came back, it was 1.2140
[16:14:58] <fspeculator> i have a yen without stops, but it's a small position of just a few contracts
[16:15:39] * cweeds has quit IRC
[16:16:40] <fspeculator> any comments on tech pic?
[16:18:39] <fspeculator> anyway, ask the devil what i need to do to turn bad luck around please
[16:18:51] <fspeculator> i'll be eagerly waiting her response
[16:19:14] <guy> :)
[16:19:27] <guy> i'll get back to you later... trying something technical now..
[16:19:39] <fspeculator> ok
[16:47:04] * Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Jun 15 16:47:07 2005