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anyone getting long...?

I am with the market down at is in 66 area.....then will re-evaluate.....
market is a virtual ATM machine today

wish we had this level of volatility every day
agree PT..I have 36 .50 on my radar and 40 if we roll over from here then we should test the 31 near 36 now so I'm leaning to short side
1328 area is secondary and final target..I have support in that area now
... its 2:45pm I have not been able to eat lunch yet... i feel like i'm am trying to fit a month of trading into one day...

taking a stab at a long here NQ 1754.00
evry one waiting on bond close..I flattened runners at 33.75 ...good luck with the longs....
stopped on that NQ long at -2.00 on the breakdown
ES coming into your 1328 level Bruce
took a long in the ES at 1328.25
took a bit of heat on the ES long, but hung in there... taking profits here at the + 4.00 level
nicely done PT..I was watching that opening range bar (as there was such high volume there)......but missed the long hindsight it would have been a cool entry as we had that huge volume flush and the low tick reading...the exact opposite is how we put in the current days high.....big volume flush and big ticks up....