March 17...a History "REVERSAL" making day...

HISTORY Begins on March 17: "Reversal" Starts:
***DOW/SP bounces off a 3 month double bottom
***Oil/Gold/Euro 'bubble' burst, now in Bearish slide
***market has accepted FEd will always act and rescue
***worst of credit mess behind, market has accepted this
***cash moves from commodities in huge dump back into stocks
***upcoming earnings will point to brighter future as bottom is behind...
***market will see improving economic numbers and not so good numbers will be shrugged off

honestly...prove me wrong...what makes the DOW/SP go lower (break final support) than this 3 month double bottom and what makes Oil/Gold/Euro find current standing support and retrace upward?...the dollar truly is strengthening...REMEMBER MARCH 17..."REVERSAL DAY" for DOW/SP and Oil/Gold/Euro/USD...go ahead and prove this wrong...I'm open to any logical and researched thought...
You put forth some valid points...however, logical and researched never make any money in trading or investing.

The guy running Bear Stearns told everyone 4 days before the blow off...Everything is alright only to save his A** and his multi million dollar payoff...and scre* all else...for hundreds of that logical and reasearched....$30+ to $2 on the weekend..makes u wonder if Wall Street is snynonomous with Whor* Ho*s*!!!

Apparently, the most researched and Joe lewis...that billionaire paid $111 per share to buy Bear...poor down to $22 million!!! Oh yeah and he is suing.....he should have consulted me..could have paid me 100 million and still have 1 billion + left over...oh yeah I dont work on Wall MBA, CFA...but hey you want to lose a billion be my guest talk to the

More dominioes to fall....Yes u maybe right about your prognosis...but please refrain from saying logical and researched.

If the Wall street gurus and wizards took your logical and reasearched advice..THEY WOULD HAVE NOT INVESTED IN SUBPRIME AND the average american that is 240 million people would not be in this that logical to you!!!

However, if you take the hypothesis that WAll Street is out to screw everyone..then making money becomes a tad bit hypothesis has proven it self from 1990..the S&l crisis etc to dot com or dot bomb...sub prime no different....Since Bernanke...they forgot what Capitalism is all about....its not welfare for the rich....but they have made it so...bailing all the supposedly logical and researched buddies on Wall street after they have made billions screwing the employees and shareholders...what a joke...Why is the risk only shared by the middle class, poor, and downtrodden. The educated on Wall Street logical and researched that got us in this mess...are forgiven with bailouts upon bailouts!!! Let all the CEO's pay back the billions of dollars they ripped off in the last x amount of years....probably easily come close to 100 or 500 billion depending how far you want to go back. Can start with Sandy Weil...$1 billion made in 10 years......logical not...reasearched....BS.

When the papers start talking about a depression..which they are alluding to 1929....but when you see some more banks to go $3,2 or 1..then get ready for the runup....

Low dollar is going to bring a lot of need to know to say WHEN.

Winter is coming but its a few years off...

Best...back to my hedge fund job. NO...not logical and reasearched....but I make money!!!