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What I Monitor

I thought it'ld be neat to compare what we look at all day. Chime in if you want.

I figured out how to overlay line charts in esignal, finally.

I have 3 fixed and 2 floating charts I look at now: a 5 minute ES with an Advancing/Declining Line overlaid; a 60 minute with the Advancing/Declining Volume Line overlaid; a chart trimmed with all of my indicators (RSI/MACD, RSI/Stochastic, the Squeeze, Bid/Ask/Raw Volume, a Put/Call ratio from the composite $PC-ST) in which I rotate from a 5 minute, 10 minute, 144T, 233T, 377T, and 610T for a precise angle of action. The two floating charts are a 5 minute $TICK (set at 1000), and a 3 minute 10 day intraday only I use for fib grids and opening gap plays.

When I'm flat and not liking or trusting my indicators' take on action, or my own judgements, I look to $INDU, $TRAN, $SPX and $COMPQ for confirming tops, corners and bottoms.

It's fun, but it's a job, and someone has to do it.
I mostly use my free IB data charts and will change time periods once we finish with the first 90 minutes. My trading results diminish after this time period. I'll set up my s/r lines on the charts ahead of time and also write some key numbers on my white board. I calculate the key numbers off the open print and will write them down too..I have Investor R/T but usually only look at that if we get range extension so I know where the DEVELOPING VA numbers are.

I like watching the TICK and volume along with the 3 main markets ( ES, YM and NQ). I look over at cnbc (with the sound off) sometimes to see where the cash indexes are at. If the Dow and S&P are out of synch then I'll use that as a warning sign.


I watch the ES 1 min with voulme, RSI, and a 200 min MA. A 5 min ES no volume or indicators. A 30 min chart with arps swing tool to measure ES moves in points and . 5 min ES P&F chart. And a matrix windows for order entry. Also I keep a hand drawn 30 min chart of the S&P cash, because there things that I can do on it that I can't on a computer, like measuring moves with a ruler, Square outs, 45 degree angles, and my favorite Arcs from previous highs and lows. Back in 02'-06' i used to watch all the eminis and some stocks I switched to the ES only, because I always missed entrys because I was spread so thin in too many markets, so I just watch the ES and the cash. Helped me lots.
Also I have a program that draws daily, weekly, and monthly pivots, and some other S/R lines that work well, along with prime numbers, and 30 min wave counts.

Happy Trading,

Trade a pattern and you win 90% of the time. BTW, if 1236.50 is the low for NOW...yes low for NOW...we are going to 1338 as a macro target. May go further then stall.

Micro targets, my low this week was 1235.75 and my high is 1285. With options expiry coming this should pop up and then down, noboby knows exactly how it will play out. However, the price pattern should be made. Then in will tell us if the low of 1236.50 will hold and we on the way to 1338.00. Its the flip of 1441 last high and price pattern.

I still see 1160-1010 or lower before we make the U turn up. Once the low is made I have an idea of the minimum high price on the upside. Maybe the low will happen in Nov/Dec/Jan 09 I really don't know.

So much opportunity, watching crude oil and its buddies, Eurodollar, Canadian dollar, US dollar, US index, Corn, Soybeans, AUS $, Wheat, CRB index, so many markets at extreme highs and lows. There has never been a commodity market with so many extremes in a very long time..= tremendous opportunity.

Buy low sell high..sell high buy low. Simple, but too much stupid news and 'Funny mentals' complicate the picture.

I wish when Oil was $10/20 and gold was $250/300 there was someone who would have told me in a few years oil is going to $100 and gold is going back to $800. I know oil and its cousins are going in for lows: crude is going to $70 in 3-4 years or sooner and then lower. I'm just waiting for the high and or price pattern to establish. Same for RBOB, heating oil and Nat gas.

All I heard was its going nowhere from the Xperts and funny mentals. I guess no one saw China or India growing back then....right. Now they telling you its going to the moon cuz of China and India. Bollocks I say. China and India have been raising their r rates and their stock markets have tanked..guess whats next.

Good luck and keep it simple.

Uncle Remus and the Mother of Intraday Invention

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