Market Profile - domestic vs international

Offered Guy:

For Monday, 11 August 2008

VAH 1298.00
POC 1294.00
VAL 1281.50

Since ES closed beneathe the POC do I have it right that we can expect Sunday's session to test VAL in the hopes of filling single prints and the buying tail below VAL? Or is it wrong to assume the VAH is acting as resistance? Further, does the initial balance in profiles only pertain, in practice and theory, to RTH?

I'm a little confused because if Market Profile only accounts for what Americans view as value and ignores international sentiment, how can a thorough market profile be read in terms of position trades and trends?
In other words, if we only view profiles as some American floor trader's esoteric rule akin to closing gaps, what use is it to me to determine how far away the standard deviation of the distribution curve is heading to buy real value where sellers exhaust?

Or am I mistaken?

Sunday's session? Are you talking about the light overnight trading from Sunday evening 6:30pm through to midnight?
"Or am I mistaken?"

You're mistaken.
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"Or am I mistaken?"

You're mistaken.


So Market Profile accounts for overnight and pre-market activity? Yes or no please. Thanks.

The majority of MP user's don't use over night, only day markets. Although some do have seperate MP's for overnight. Dalton refers to gaps as invisable tails...which are future S/R areas that are treated as low voulme areas. In response to your question..the open is what matters, if we get a open away from value and then the market returns to fridays value its a greater chance that the market will continue in that direction at least until it fills fridays value area. An open within value shows that nothing has changed in market mood..but since fridays value area was so large due to a trend day, that makes the value area very wide and less volume and more price's lowering the chance's for a value area rule trade...