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es on 8-14-08

covered my short at 1277.75. Got really lucky here. 15.25 handles on an overnite swing trade.
We climbed back into the new bull channel and out of the newly created bear channel, which, BTW, means business. Feast your eyes on this chart and dare tell me longs aren't short-lived.

One more seller test below the new bull channel and the deal's sealed.

Buyers ARE getting good support from the fib EMAs, though.

1325s likely but it still could go either way.

I'm scalping off of a 5 second chart. Gotta eat.

If I get to writing about swings, though, in this climate, remind me I'm a good contarian indicator and to take the opposite position, that is if you kind of like me.

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5 min. projection to 1297.75.failure at down test 1273.50(about 2 points higher)indicates move to up test(1295.50 plus 2 points...1297.50).possible williams%r divergence coming. And all the above posts cause me to put in my order to sell 1297.50 stop at 1300.50.
ES has 4 TPO's built above last weeks VAH.
wow, not a good day to fight the tape
I'm buying 97.5
1 point scalp.
short from 97.75 good to 95 measured move
time check 22:30
2 ticks
It's gotta be bought right here to make the politicians electable. If we lose this trendline, it's over.
Hold my feet to the fire if I'm wrong but by my count the 3rd wave of the 2nd impulse of the bull failed on its 5th wave. If I'm right we're due a triangle in three moves ending on the C wave/impulse 1 wave 1 of the bear. It's hung up in the leg cross-channels of the chop after the 2nd impulse 2nd wave pullback dropped from 1313.50.

I'm not saying short the market just yet. But it's lookn' good! ROTFLMFAO
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