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es on 8-14-08

covered my short at 1277.75. Got really lucky here. 15.25 handles on an overnite swing trade.
Joe: I am showing a poc @ 1252.25 not tested by RTH. Not saying we are going there soon just checking if you see that?
Thats correct there's a naked POC @1252.25
Awesome. It's like taking your suits to the cleaners before a prize fight. When you pick it up at your leisure you may look a little rough, but you'll be fresh dressed like a million bucks after you get home.

What am I on about? The inevitable: 1252.25 is a few pence [BELOW] this month's daily mean pivot at [1254.17]. That's where we're heading after this next bull three peaks. God willing. No one likes a sham.
Hold my feet to the fire if I'm wrong but by my count the 3rd wave of the 2nd impulse of the bull failed on its 5th wave. If I'm right we're due a triangle in three moves ending on the C wave/impulse 1 wave 1 of the bear. It's hung up in the leg cross-channels of the chop after the 2nd impulse 2nd wave pullback dropped from 1313.50.

I'm not saying short the market just yet. But it's lookn' good! ROTFLMFAO
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