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ES 8-15-2008

Looking for buys around 95, and shorts around 1301.5 as long as theres no range extensions.
Patience my good man. Traders must learn to appreciate and fair foreplay. lol It didn't even drop yet. It'll run up to attempt the high of the minor swing up above the spaghetti of resistance so high, then we'll drop. Zee sushi roll I say. Zee sushi roll.
Thx. Locals killed me yesterday on a stop run to1300.75. had my stop at 1300.50. Check out the bar.Its okay tho cause i took their coin big time the day before on a swing.Boring far.
Covered at 96 for two handles. Buying support on the 144 EMA.
Good job SPQR! I traded 2 es there so i just got back yesterdays loss. This market has been coiling for a nice break since about 10 this morning basis the 1 min. chart. might get real interesting soon. Note the nas is negative.
here we go???
If only I would have let that run. Where we at? 93 ish? By gum.
Same here... no guts no glory.Could be heading for a retest of Bruces 90 area...or lower
this low volume friday stuff is tricky to me...Compx making new lows but not Dow or cash SP..I don't trust this move down...we need more volume from somewhere
O.K. enough of this!! we go down to 1291.00 then up to 1302.25 and call it a day
I'll give ya a 60/40 cut your weight if you tell me which way it'll trend monday. ;)