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ES 8-15-2008

Looking for buys around 95, and shorts around 1301.5 as long as theres no range extensions.
1301.5 now SL @ new high today 1302.75
Theres my target 1299.25 (1 tick above the POC) +2.25
Now looking for longs at 96 and shorts @ 1301.5 all targets are POC.
Theres 96...long @ 96.5
Sold it @ POC 97.5 that one wasn't worth the risk. Shouldn't have taken it, after I got in it looked like it was just going to roll over.
No more longs @ 96...looking @ 93.25-50ish for some longs....
well done Joe...great day to be playing the extremes....
Got caught on that 377EMA on the 610tick and got thrown back into value. lookin for 97.25....
Theory would state that longer term players aren't interested in this today as we haven't broken the first hour range. One can't help to wonder though if congestion leads to a break out then which way will it come ?
wow hit 97.25 POC and no highier....

I'll give ya a 60/40 cut your weight if you tell me which way it'll trend monday. ;)
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