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ES 8-22-08

Greener pastures? Maybe. I'm putting on the Ritz today and calling not only there not being a gap fill, at least in the morning session, but that we'll test and win 81.75 and see a high of at least 1285.75, and it'll be met at 12:45 PM.

A gap fill into the close seems likely in a certain weekend sell-off investors still learly and day traders principled.

Trading in Sunday's session in all probability will try to retrace to the upside starting the B wave and the opening range Monday will be decided from the bell selling was unfinished after letting bulls clean up bit; after which, a test and loss to this morning's low of 72 will jump start bulls to begin the bonafide third wave of the first impusle wherein 3 premium prices en route to correcting 1441 will ensue.

By Tuesday's afternoon session I expect to see prices near if not at the run's high. Third waves are fashioned by everyone already having shorted, short-covered, scalped, made their money driving prices to value and calling brothers to tell friends to call their brothers and friends to buy. It'll be on. Show up, and make some money.

{DISCLAIMER: None of The Above May Be True But May Be Permitted And Possible}


Good trading, all.

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I think being in a consolidation at 12:45:00 awaiting a breakout is in itself a sight to behold. How do you account for and time human emotion? It is what it is. You're welcome to adapt or no at your discretion.
bada bing .. going long 2 at 86
oh dont get me wrong pal, youve saved me a lot of coin. i agree with yur anal. thats why i bailed for a 1 point loss!
long 2 at 91.50 hey wouldnt let me in at 86,had to buy the break up.3 point stop
Another tick divergence , points down st
sheese...down 5 handles plus the vigorish. may try once more tho
I'm up 15 handles fairing the Wall Street-worn knife-stab-rip-headscape shark psyche rape. We will beat the high, or my name isn't Don få Rune Våge Jokkmokker SPQR! ha
i guess ill try 87.25
no this may carry lower
Half of wallstreet still on vacation it seems,, my guess is /es 4:00est @ 1291
could it be we close at that 1290.50 magnet?
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