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ES 8-22-08

Greener pastures? Maybe. I'm putting on the Ritz today and calling not only there not being a gap fill, at least in the morning session, but that we'll test and win 81.75 and see a high of at least 1285.75, and it'll be met at 12:45 PM.

A gap fill into the close seems likely in a certain weekend sell-off investors still learly and day traders principled.

Trading in Sunday's session in all probability will try to retrace to the upside starting the B wave and the opening range Monday will be decided from the bell selling was unfinished after letting bulls clean up bit; after which, a test and loss to this morning's low of 72 will jump start bulls to begin the bonafide third wave of the first impusle wherein 3 premium prices en route to correcting 1441 will ensue.

By Tuesday's afternoon session I expect to see prices near if not at the run's high. Third waves are fashioned by everyone already having shorted, short-covered, scalped, made their money driving prices to value and calling brothers to tell friends to call their brothers and friends to buy. It'll be on. Show up, and make some money.

{DISCLAIMER: None of The Above May Be True But May Be Permitted And Possible}


Good trading, all.

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88.50 - high volume magnet price.....but no doubt this is not acting like it wants to sell off..we get below that zone
and shorts may actually have a good day from up here...
projection to 1290.50, if if if 1293 is not touched again! Mini cycle low comes in around 10:47 or so
dam, they got me! Minus 2 handles
Some $tick divergence just now. Points st down..
ok, trying again buying 2 at 1290.50.(you win again SPQR!LOL)
Stiff collar conservative selloff. Extremists will buy the pullback and drive to test the run high. If I'm lying I'm dying.

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Two peaks with two premium prices forged into the market and only 2:44 minutes left to forge another. I'm off for a scotch and a cigar after a good early lunch.

What a rush.
best fill so far is 87.75.....trying to hold for new lows but I know how that usually works for me....
well, iwas stopped at 1288.50 for a loss. Now down 6 for the day(yesterdays gain)Call me crazy, but i sold 1290.5 on that rebound looking to cover one here(1287)Stop on remaining at 1289.75
could it be we close at that 1290.50 magnet?