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ES-08 -28-08

Congrats Charter Joe on your great call yesterday, your 1292 just got tagged.
Ill buy 1287.50 if it gets down there.
Thanks kool,

Honestly I am looking for any excess, or breaks to short....
dow trying to lead it higher...I have my short glasses on to trade back to that "P" buldge..from Wednesday
Short @ 90.5, this range is tight. I'll be adding some around 94.
I was looking at it filling in the gap from 80-72.50 in the weekly profile. And maybe a retest of the monthly DVAL (1264)??
adjusting scalp buy to 1286.75.Ill be joining you short around 1294-5
1 min. and 5 min. projections met at 1293.25, however 15min. is about 2.5 points higher.Ill sell4 at 1295.50 if we get there. 4 point stop
selling one at 1293.00
even bigger dow lead now......I'm keeping these short glasses on..they cleaned up the close gap from last mondays we need to see some sign that Dow is breaking down.......perhaps they will borrow our money today ..Im trying again from 96 even.....tricky trade for sure..nice tick and volume push..feel they will need to test 93.75 from up here....
one more at 1296.50,stop now at 1298.75.short 2 @about 1294.75
Originally posted by koolblue

thats it 4 me today. Gotta go ... c ya tommorrow.

Hey koolblue - I've been trying to get hold of you. I've sent you a couple of emails - not sure if you received them. Please send me an email. Thanks.
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