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ES-08 -28-08

Congrats Charter Joe on your great call yesterday, your 1292 just got tagged.
Well, we could see 1299 or so today, but this could be it for now. I agree first stop could be 1293
covered two at 1294.00.had to bail because of my poor entry!Looking for re-entry.up 1.5 handles today. From a cyclic perspective this should see a nice decline sometime after 1:20 to 1:40. (and i mean a good one)
single prints are created by "low volume" based on TPO count...but if you look at your one minute data you will actually see that it was high volume that created this area....failing at the singles here ( and the one minute price thrust) targets new lows and that buldge.....I won't consider this failed singles until 91.75 trades.......till then buyers can still re-enter..I'd also like to see a 30 minute close inside the IB...
Were still all over that 94 area. I think I jumped the gun a little with my enter at 90, but I averged some more in, its overbought but I am near my uncle point.
selling 2 at 1298.50.
omg! Could it be i missed it by 2 ticks?!?Life can be soooo cruel!
selling 2 @1296.50. 3 point stop.
I got stopped on runners and reshorted 97 even...volume and Tick spike...u know the setup........concern is that singles short may be a challenge.....dow a bit more in line but still leading.....up move
covering @1293.75
covered half at the 93,75,,,next target is 88.75..small gap sits at 88.25...lets see if they can go clean that up for me
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thats it 4 me today. Gotta go ... c ya tommorrow.

Hey koolblue - I've been trying to get hold of you. I've sent you a couple of emails - not sure if you received them. Please send me an email. Thanks.