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ES-08 -28-08

Congrats Charter Joe on your great call yesterday, your 1292 just got tagged.
would like to see 2:30 close inside the 60 minute range...
up 5 for the day. Joe dont be put off by my exit, you know i love the short term little scalps.IM still bearish here.Up 15.75 on the week (minus comm.)Looking to re- short.VERY SHORT TERM MINI LOW EXPECTED AT 2:14
SOLD 1 AT 1295.50
stopped out at 1297.50.gave back 2 handles....watching
selling 1298.75 if hit to jump in the shower.
mit order hit short from 1298.50(just 1)2 point stop...see ya soon...
last try for me is from 97.50....some nice ledges to target below...this market just doesn't want to cooperate with runners today..... we may still see a bond pop further up in this time zone

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Here is a chart that I posted in the MP room as well, but thought it belonged in here too. I was too impatient in my short this A.M. LOL i actually visialized this in type of day in my head I was going to start shorting at 95ish then 97, and ride it up to there. But instead had to eat a large losser. While it did what I thought it was going to do...???
Great chart Joe, thx.holding for 1296 on a short scalp. still up 5 so if stopped i still have a small win today.
exit ing 1296.50
Originally posted by koolblue

thats it 4 me today. Gotta go ... c ya tommorrow.

Hey koolblue - I've been trying to get hold of you. I've sent you a couple of emails - not sure if you received them. Please send me an email. Thanks.
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