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ES 09-02-08

Up premarket....
I'd buy 95.25...last months VAH
Never mind I am short @ 95
m.a. is in the way bailed at 91.5, nice 2.5 anyways.

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great Joe..I liked the way we have daily and weekly numbers at the highs....and of course a great volume and tick FLUSH.....Great the way they sucked in the longs for those who are "thinking"......

i.e. no hurricane means we should be buying???I don't think so....way too they bring in the buyers only to drop it down.....Luv this stuff....
Originally posted by CharterJoe

m.a. is in the way bailed at 91.5, nice 2.5 anyways.

we may actually tag the 82.50 today...if we can get past that 89 area.....If I was a big institutional trader I would want to try and get this to run down, especially if I missed the buying opportunity we have had since July....September - October is a good seasonal low period.....

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Bruce this last chart I posted was exactly like fridays IB breakout play. Fridays chart is in the MP room, a tetter totter on the VAH and a break on the IB a nice spike followed.
Key questions to ask:

How often do we trade back to a previous months close ?

How often do we trade back to the weekly pivot ? You can search the forum for that answer..."weekly pivot"..I forget
the thread name.....but the short answer is A LOT !!!
I'll let the longs have their way if they decide to try
and continue this up move today....I'm keeping my short blinders on..we are testing the 60 minute low early

Thanks for all the charts joe...
they want to fill in that 67 - 81 area as per Joe's MP chart...I'm getting lost as to where that one is...I'll look later
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