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ES 09-02-08

Up premarket....
selling for a scalp at 1295.25.2 point stop
stopped. minus 2 handles on the day
shorted 1 @ 196.50

no stop but will sell around 1305 area if it goes there ;)

selling 1297.50.3 point stop
stopped and sold again 1301.00. 2 this time. 2 point stop
stopped and watching
buying 2 1300.50
covering here-1301.50
watch out longs... GS is making lows...
out at 1301.75. down 6.5 onthe day.I will buy 1293.00 if we get there.
they want to fill in that 67 - 81 area as per Joe's MP chart...I'm getting lost as to where that one is...I'll look later