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This has been one crazy week.Vix closed over 30 yesterday. Ticks were at extremes. However, before we get too giddy, be aware that a retest of the low would be expected at some point.Personally , i would rather see that sooner instead of say, Oct. Having said that i repeat that all the pieces are in place for a tradable, even significant rally. Vol., VIX,a/d, all say so. IN the meantime , caution is the buzzword because of the extreme volitility. Very tough to trade. Good luck all!
Bought more calls...still neg .20cent thus far...Tick avg sub 1000, lower lows with high ticks, long again
Markets made a lower low, with higher 30 min RSI, and higher ticks than the last low @ 68 a few min ago and a very high volume @ 64.75 covered half longs @ 71 other half free trade. The last time my $tick indicator was reading sub 1000 readings was when we were at 1200 back in July....
avg short @ 1168...Sold those calls with small profit. ES still seems weak.
im baaaack... selling
Isee the cycle peak hit at 1:04, hope somebody took advantage of it . short one from 1272.00. covering here
selling 1273.00
Ill sell one more at 1278.00
stopped at 1179.00. up only 1.5 today
selling 2 @ 1283.00
stopped again ...1286.5
What a day!
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