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This has been one crazy week.Vix closed over 30 yesterday. Ticks were at extremes. However, before we get too giddy, be aware that a retest of the low would be expected at some point.Personally , i would rather see that sooner instead of say, Oct. Having said that i repeat that all the pieces are in place for a tradable, even significant rally. Vol., VIX,a/d, all say so. IN the meantime , caution is the buzzword because of the extreme volitility. Very tough to trade. Good luck all!
Also, single ticks from yesterday between 67.25 and 74.25
buying 2 @ 1173.50 ob
dam, stopped at 1171.25, down 6.50 today.
long again 1169.75 3.5 stop
exiting around 1177
out at 1177.00. good scalp, for a change now up 8 today.
I was in the wrong thread LOL....

7min $TICK reading almost -1000 and $tick was -1451....Thats the lowest I have seen in a while, long @ 70...and covered @ that weekly pivot area (81)

Also bought some 117's SPY calls...I don't think we'll see this bottom before a 25point pull back.

I had 150% on those calls from yesterday at the close, its been awhile since I traded options LOL I was going to get out but they close @ 4:00 and not 4:15... at the open it was on .20+ ohh well.
buying 1173.75(one only)
Joe - if you are going to work SPY calls you might be interested in SSO calls. The underlying ETF is basically the same thing but with 2X leverage. You can play the opposite side 2X with the SDS. They both have good liquidity too.
sick market today ...3.5stop have to leave at 12:30
What a day!
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