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ES- 09-26-08

Ugly open coming.I still believe a intermediate term bottom is forming the last several days. And i would still be very careful trading position trades or puts here.Remember there is strong support 1172-77.
I hate when i make a brilliant call and they find a way to stiff me. But thats ok, ill teach 20 people this weekend how to take their coin and that will be reward enough! THATS IT FOR ME ,GANG See ya sat at one!
thanks kool cu tomorrow

Did you receive an email from me? I keep getting e-mailer demons?
Originally posted by CharterJoe


Did you receive an email from me? I keep getting e-mailer demons?

Yes Joe, I'll email you tomorrow with the link.
okay, thanks for doing this, thats really nice of you both...
Margie, im bailing on my calls cause your 15 min. cycle ends very soon and a sure 500 bucks per call for me is better than a possible moster pop mon. morning (strangly conservative of me) cycle topping around 3;40-50?
Sounds good. I don't want to watch the news all weekend. See you tomorrow and collect the beer I left you at the bar! :)
Wow what an end to the day!

Joe, you are welcome & thank you for sharing your knowledge here.
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