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Globex 09-29-08

Hope you sold the open, The writing was on the wall due to the 15 min. cycle Margie and i were following on fri.(09-26-08 thread)
sold one at 1219.50, covered 1212.00 for a nice scalp. watching....
selling 1219.75(FOR A SMALL SCALP)
MISSED BY 2 TICKS... ORDER CANCELLED ... gotta go, see ya in the am!
Long one from 1293.75, ... 3.0 point stop
looking for 1198.25, 1202 area
stopped out for minus 3... up 4.5 on the session...watching
one last try ..buying 1190.75
order cancelled...watching
Good morning Kool. Thanks again for the class. Do you know if Pop was able to tape it? I'm still a little unclear on a couple of things.
GM...Pop has a video in forum...its not the Sat. session
Wow pretty incredible. I was just testing Kool's cycle on the 5 min. Measuring from the 9:50 to 10:15 candles. That would call for the 10:45 candle to be the next high. As I'm watching I'm thinking no way this is gonna work, the candle would have to move +8.0 pts. to make a high. Well guess what lol.