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ES 10-01-08

I am still long those SPY puts, targeting 1140.
seems like they will fill in that push that started at 56.25.......I'm short to go get it
Bruce, if you don't mind, what's the number that you have are targeting?
I'd like the 56.50.....but the problem is we have a volume magnet that begins at they might try to get that.....this is a front run trade so higher risk to me
Got a limit on those calls for +1 point real soon now!
stopped at 62.50...trying again from 68...nice trade and nice number Joe
I had to get out at +.90cent, buying some puts...
first target is 62.75...then the 56.50
Bought some SPY oct puts at 4.15 (ES at 1167) $TICK got overbought
looks like there going for 1174
I added at 72 even...I'm jittery and not trading well since Mondays challenges...
I mean volume follows