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ES 10-01-08

I am still long those SPY puts, targeting 1140.
I sold those puts for +.70 cent, I thought it odd how some of my $TICK indicators were saying oversold. It was a quick trade so I decide to bail. Fixing to buy SPY calls....Sold those GLD for +.50 cent
Bought some SPY oct 114 calls at 4.65 (es was at 1146)
There was positive divergence in the 1 min RSI this last low, so hopefully that was the low.
seems like they want to run it down again Joe but hope you are right...another failure at that 43-44 area would seem like they want yeatredays far the high volume area is trying to hold it up...but for how long?/
Breakout to highs with a falling $TICK that needs to improve...calls looking good!
We need a range extension to the upside, if that happens I'll be looking for a gap fill and 20 es points.
hope you get it Joe...Dow trying to lead up...I hate that!!
Having trouble all day at 1157 i.e. Sq of nine

redeeming value for the dow is that one minute gap at 10773..they should go get that at least...I saw it earlier but Don't follow one minute dow prices too often
ES making new highs with my $TICK indicator making new highs, 57 should be support now...
I mean volume follows