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Globex 10-06-08

well, here we go! So far so good
covering here
out at 2.75 on those! up 2.75 handles...Whew, its been a long climb back after a dismal start last night . getting some rest, see ya in the day session!
nice recover Blue..I added 3 more at 1080.50......
Added some at 1079 avg long is 84.
Whats up with the spike to 1095 then 1080 is that a bad tick?
I saw it distributed out on a tick chart & it had volume, must have been some sort of news...
UK, Germany and France sank more than 5 percent. Russia tumbled 14%......Yeah we need a fed cut they took it down to 2 back in 02 what are they waiting for now?
Limit Order Filled @1094.75
That spike helped me get a nice 5 points, somehow my stop limit wasn't executed otherwise would had been kicked out with a 5 point loss.
whew...what the hell was that spike....I was able to cover the 92.50 at break even on that spike but still holding the 80.50....can anyone confirm prices..? IB has burned me before in overnight where I thought I was covered on a position.....did we spike up to 1095 a few minutes ago....I hate the overnight!!!
switching to es thread...
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