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Globex 10-06-08

well, here we go! So far so good
should have done a refresh....I see all your comments now..disregard last post
I saw spike up to 1095.25 and drop down to 1074.50, all happened in the course of 30 seconds or so. I think the fed made some new announcement, not clear on what...
Shorted @1082.25
This is only news I saw: The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department separately announced Monday new steps to deal with the continuing financial market turmoil. The Fed said it would increase the size of its loans to banks to a potential $900 billion. The central bank announced that it will begin to pay interest on bank reserves. At 8.26 eastern
Covering @1080.50
the only thing we really know is they will test a spike which one is anyones guess....I'm staying long today until I run out of
added 3 more long at 81.25...I actually have a first target for those of 1094.50......will add final three at 73.50 if we get down there in day session only.........good luck today to all.....should be a fun one
Yeah I am doubling up on those calls at open...I'll add some around 1069.
Bought some more calls avg is now 3.5 last was 3.15
$TICK making new lows, and my $TICK osc is giving some oversold readings...1 min, 5, 30, D, and W. RSI are all oversold. Avg long on ES is 84, If this thing does an IB break up that gap should be filled today
switching to es thread...
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