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Globex 10-06-08

well, here we go! So far so good
out one at 1091.50 plus ...2.25 down 11.75 on the day. Holding the bal. for 1095-98 area.
covering bal. here
out at 1092.25, altough i expect to crack this resistance , i need a win so i bailed at the 1 st objective, plus i gotta go to work soon!... down 8.75 now
if ,by some chance we should break 1088, then the next good scalp would be 1084.75/
gotta git, see ya around 6:30 or so!
I'm long from that 1092 area you mentioned...scary times...
I liked where the Put/call went of on Friday....
I'm going to try and hold until will take a small miracle and lots of time AWAY from the screen......
I am long 1089 area....and some calls from Friday of course. I am looking for the 1140 area as well...If the markets open around these levels I'll add some to those calls in the A.M.
Long @1089.75
switching to es thread...