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Globex 10-09-08

Gotta shower but trying to buy one at 773.75, 3 point stop
order cancelled
Kool i been to the forum today for the first time and noticed how active u were do u mind a question or 2
go ahead, Benny!
I have seen the video on the cycles and was wondering if you have any plans for seminars down the road. Applause on that peak at 3:26 it did line up perfectly with a mkt profile zone and decent divergence. Very nice trading i noticed up posting !
Yeah, Benny, im going to contact Popstocks and see about doing another one . maybe this week end
Cant trade now cause my charts are down to maint., Ill be back at 6:30am tomorrow tho
Good to hear, in globex would u say it's not as effect due to volume? Is that the only subject you cover, ie.. do you teach or just traders helping trades scenario, thanks in advance
No, benny my techniques work equally well in globex or any kind of market.Ive never thoght about teaching ,actually. I just got continually asked about how i do what i do so afriend and i set up a seminar on this website he knows. Just decided to share my little secret that ive been using about 10 years now.
gotta run now but ill see u in the am, and on tomorrows es thread!
yeah thats why I asked if you teach or something , i been trading for some time and it's few and far between you hear anyone sharing ideas anymore
Oh sorry,....15 minute, 60 minute and daily...excluding the overnight.....he also used it for range calculations...take last three days highs and lows.....divide by three.....weekly and monthly too.......he would also take 80% of that range to tighten stops or book profits...
Originally posted by Benny

i was referring to.............thanks either way
KOOL : One of my mentors used the previous 3 swings and then took the project/prdeict...I only throw that out as an idea for do real well with the way you do it