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Globex 10-09-08

Gotta shower but trying to buy one at 773.75, 3 point stop
good morning , thanks Bruce hello Kool
short one from 1000.25, 2 point stop
will cover at 1005.25 if not stopped out
Hey, benny ... ready to have some fun?
Cycle low coming in 20 min.
lol yes I always am
selling 2 here!
stop hit ...minus 2.. down .75 on the day.. now short from 1003.5 (2 this time), 4 point stop
covering both
out at 1000.75, had to cover cause my charts are freezing today. 1.75 there on 2 up 4.25 on the day
Oh sorry,....15 minute, 60 minute and daily...excluding the overnight.....he also used it for range calculations...take last three days highs and lows.....divide by three.....weekly and monthly too.......he would also take 80% of that range to tighten stops or book profits...
Originally posted by Benny

i was referring to.............thanks either way
KOOL : One of my mentors used the previous 3 swings and then took the project/prdeict...I only throw that out as an idea for do real well with the way you do it