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Globex 10-09-08

Gotta shower but trying to buy one at 773.75, 3 point stop
lots of great useable stuff on this forum Benny...most of it tested by real traders over many years trading.....This isn't like other forums where you have folks rambling on about stuff that doesn't work...gald to have you with us
Originally posted by Benny

yeah thats why I asked if you teach or something , i been trading for some time and it's few and far between you hear anyone sharing ideas anymore

1001.50 - 1007 is overnight and tomorrows day session....
I have been on this forum for 2 weeks now and i have to say i have learned more than i have in the past year.
Good morning , gang! Joe , i have to tell you, yesterday on the close i almost grabbed 2 es options but chickened at the last second because of my bearish bias till next tues or wed.! Thats why i hate spending too much time on the 'longer' term scenerios. ITS aperfect example of a slam dunk trade i should have made! Cngrats on your play. The market has been down 6 days in a row, an extreme only seen 3 or 4 times a year,making the odds heavily favor at least a small rebound.
order to buy 997.50(one only)
Doesnt look too good for me here, using a 3.5 stop...decent low from 5 min. and i min charts at 7:52-55 area
1 min. price proj. is 1000.75 area
covering here at 998.75
Out at 1098.75 .. plus 1.25 so far... watching
bingo , nailed the 1 min. proj. dead on!
Oh sorry,....15 minute, 60 minute and daily...excluding the overnight.....he also used it for range calculations...take last three days highs and lows.....divide by three.....weekly and monthly too.......he would also take 80% of that range to tighten stops or book profits...
Originally posted by Benny

i was referring to.............thanks either way
KOOL : One of my mentors used the previous 3 swings and then took the project/prdeict...I only throw that out as an idea for do real well with the way you do it

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