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ES 10-15-08

Coming into the day session down 2. Good luck all!
Feds calling for a recession (LOL there no better than those broker houses) In 02' the markets were hitting bottom when it was called a recession by the FED.
Bounce'll be at 874.50. 5000T still holds hope for a 3rd wave pull-up (though a failed 4th). I think I can break even. It may be Monday or Tuesday..but I think it can be done. If not, I have to hold it through the storm, man. You're all sure to quip snarks in your every psi-autistic-double entendre post (jerks), but oh well. I called it wrong and it has to go up some time.

Later days, lousy lays.

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May be a strong resistance
rich, from ttt, and i have a buy limit on the spx at 0001

at this rate we might get filled tomorrow

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