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ES 10-15-08

Coming into the day session down 2. Good luck all!
buying 2 at 945.00
Originally posted by day trading

There will be a small 5 minute down time of the site/forum in the next half an hour while the server is restarted...

Complete - everything should be back to normal now. Let me know if you notice any problems.
mke that 944-45 6 point stop
long [email protected] 6 point stop
Short @ 944
covering one here
out at 946.50 on one ...holding remaining
stopped at 938.. down 3.5 on the day... wow , sure looks like my comment earlier about going below 920 is going to come to pass!
now short [email protected] 935.50, 4 point stop, looking to cover 930 area
Covered 1/2 at +10.....SL on rest at flat
rich, from ttt, and i have a buy limit on the spx at 0001

at this rate we might get filled tomorrow