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GLOBEX 10-21-08

Just got short from 943.75. looking for 933-936
ill cover both here.
out at 939.00. plus 4.75 on both. up 9.50 on the session....watching for 936 or so
order to buy 933.25
whats ur target kool

long 2 @933.25...will exit 937.00, just scalping here.
worse case is a cotinued decline to 931 sq of 9 , so my stop is under that.
got stoped out 929.75
stopped at 930.50...loss of 2.75 twice,now up 4 on the session and watching
I believe we will see the 888-889 area today.
that will break the triangle to the downside...

Originally posted by CharterJoe

If we open here were going to gap below this weeks range (IB also) Watch out for the IB breakout today below last weeks VAL.

Beautiful set-up that I wanted to share with ya'll that happens often..... Mon and Tues a.k.a. weekly IB was nice and tight, we got a gap below the weekly IB and then B penetrates last weeks VAL todays IB breakout worked very well because it already broke critical support 30 points followed.
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